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“Everyone is a high-potential individual to me.”

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to stop working. The saying by Confucius is fully in line with my personal experience. Professionals who strive for happiness in their work, do so with passion and lasting commitment. Even when things don’t always go their way. Isn’t that what every individual wants?

Because everybody has potential. Which is why it is so important to find a job where you can develop your talents and explore new, exciting possibilities. Which is where I step in: to help ambitious individuals realise their potential to the full.

After a succesful career in hotel management, I have now turned my attention to professional coaching & mentoring. I am also available as a specialist in contracting for hotels & resorts, and venue searching in the MICE sector.

Feel free to read what others have to say about me on my LinkedIn page. Or contact me for an appointment.

Who have I recently worked with?

What is it like working with me? That is a question others are best placed to answer. Which is why I am delighted to share my clients’ and partners’ testimonials on this page. Read about their experiences directly and view some of the recommendations they have left on my LinkedIn page. They offer a good picture of my approach and personality.

“A toute personne souhaitant établir une relation professionnelle avec Mme Marie-Paule Vande Velde, je peux recommander cette dernière. En effet, durant de nombreuses années j'ai eu l'occasion, en tant que Directeur Général d'UNICEF Belgique, d'apprécier tant le professionnalisme de Marie-Paule Vande Velde que la qualité des relations humaines dont elle a fait preuve dans son engagement pour soutenir la cause des enfants défavorisés. Outre sa connaissance et sa maîtrise du monde de l'entreprise, je tiens tout particulièrement à souligner la créativité dont elle a toujours fait preuve ainsi que son dynamisme communicatif apprécié par ses collaborateurs. C'est donc une partenaire fiable à tous points de vue avec laquelle j'ai eu plaisir à travailler et que je recommande."

Christian Wiener
Ex Directeur Général et Président d'UNICEF Belgique

“I have worked on many occasions with Marie-Paule during my career. I have a huge amount of respect for her and her hardworking attitude to getting the job well done. Her expert knowledge on hotel industry is fantastic and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. Marie-Paule is a great professional and also a great person to know."

Yves Szmir
Connected Concepts | Meeting Industry Experts

"I have had the pleasure to work in Marie-Paule's team very early in my sales career. I can recall her as being demanding but very professional, thorough, fair, fun AND a good mentor. Our careers have taken different paths over the years however we have always kept in touch while her career progressed in a consistent ascending manner. I can only highly recommend her for her networking skills as well her drive to reach only the best. Having her on board of your team can only be a + It would be a pleasure to work with her again."

Bruno De Man
ECCO - the European CanCer Organisation

My expertise

coaching & mentoring

Individual coaching for the most diverse personalities and areas of expertise.

Local and international.

For both, young high potentials and experienced top professionals.

for hotels & resorts

Businesses and third parties can save a great deal by ensuring their hotel contracts are drawn up meticulously and flawlessly. Which is what I offer, backed by years of experience at the highest levels of the hospitality industry. Because small details can often make a big difference.

Venue searching
for MICE

The right location for your organisation and for every event. It sounds self-evident. However in actual fact, it is far from it. Thanks to my years of international experience and extensive network, I guarantee a perfect fit between organisation, event and location.

Marie-Paule Vande Velde:
has also never stopped working

My professional background is closely tied to the hotel world. For a major part of my career, I fulfilled various functions at Starwood Hotels & Resorts: initially in a commercial capacity, later in (international) management. I have learned a lot from organising incentives, conferences and events. About companies and their business, on the one hand. And about people and their ambitions on the other.

Over the years, I have collaborated with more than 65 nationalities, each of them ambitious people with their own goals and their own personality. As a result, I can now quickly ascertain what it is professionals are looking for and help them attain that higher level in their career.

As far as I am concerned, everybody is a high-potential individual. And because everyone is different, I adopt a personalised approach to all my clients. I listen first and only then share my experiences. Sometimes I offer them more self-confidence, sometimes inspiration and sometimes simply an angle they hadn’t thought of yet themselves. Most of all, however, I work to get results, with full respect for deadlines and my clients’ busy schedules.